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Idealyse online 360 degree feedback management and reporting

i360 is a sophisticated 100% web based application, for the development, deployment and management of 360 degree questionnaires. It is specifically designed for HR departments and HR consultancies alike. Enabling the easy design and deployment of questionnaires with intelligent results analysis and easy to interpret presentation.

Here are just a few of the many features that are available:

  • Design your own Questionnaires
    • Enables you to customise existing questionnaires or design your own from scratch.
  • Brand deployed questionnaires and reports to corporate requirements.
    • Match your customers' corporate design
  • Allow your customers or departments to deploy and manage their own questionnaires.
    • Customers / departments can be allowed to deploy their own (assigned) questionnaires.
  • Multi lingual
    • Translate your questionnaires into any language, using your own translators who login via the web interface.
  • Deploy to known respondents or allow the questionnaire target to define their own.
  • Monitors respondents and their completion status
    • Automatic deployment of questionnaires on a specified date / time.
    • Automated email follow ups for non completion at designated intervals.
  • Production of comprehensive tailored reports.

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